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Welcome to FloMor

FloMor offers specialist engineering solutions to the world's process industries.  Our focus is to provide the Oil and Gas, Mineral Resource, Energy Generation and Water Treatment Industries with solutions, products and services: these cover a wide portfolio of products from gravity and enhanced gravity separation, to media and cartridge filtration, to fluidisation and solids cleaning, to de-bottlenecking and process consultancy.

Using our diverse knowledge and experience we will meet your process demands, whether that is delivering a completely integrated process package or providing a basic engineering design solution.

Whether you need specialist engineering expertise, support in managing a project, assistance in realising your innovation or provision on equipment, FloMor is your ideal partner to ensure your success.



FloMor's Water Management, Separation and Solids Handling Technology is based on a wide portfolio of products.

  • Liquid/Liquid Hydrocyclones and separation
  • Liquid/Solid Hydrocyclones and separation
  • Gas/Solids Hydrocyclones and separation
  • Induced Gas Floatation
  • Compact Floatation
  • Multi-media Filtration
  • Cartridge Filtration
  • Nutshell Filtration
  • Coalescers
  • Solid Fluidisation and Transportation
  • Solids Cleaning and Collection



More from FloMor.

Design Study - A preliminary design from FloMor focuses on the specialist technical requirements for your project.  This can form the design basis for the potential investment cost.

Site Survey - Based on many years of experience originating from the North Sea, Middle East, West Africa and South East Asia, we believe it is important to attend site at the earliest opportunity to recommend you the best standard or fit for purpose solution.

Pilot Trials - FloMor has a extensive engineering background in R&D and innovation.  It is able to provide a range of Field Evaluation Units for testing, together with hands-on specialists and laboratory services.

Installation - Following ex-works delivery, our team is able to assit your project during unloading, package set down, piping and instrument hook-up, and preparation for operation.

Commissioning - The final step before starting production where FloMor engineers can attend the process package to ensure all the system is performing according to the design intent, together with training your operators to ensure a smooth transition into the day to day activities.

Site Debottlenecking - Capacity at an existing facility can often be increased by making modifications to the equipment or process settings.  We are here to help you eliminate bottlenecks to ensure Flow More.


Case Study - Water Jetting

Solids accumulate in many processes, whether as a function of them being produced by the process or are required to make the process work. The removal of these solids from vessels, tanks or pits can be a constant challenge: both in terms of the health and safety requirements and system down time.

Utilising their extensive nuclear and oil and gas experience, FloMor have developed a series of solutions that provide safe and effective removal of the solids for almost any application. One such solution is for the removal of solids from a water jetting and cutting process.

With the installation of FloMor’s solution the solids are removed by the press of a button – ensuring that the water jet cutting equipment has a higher availability and profitability In fact almost any type of solids are able to be mixed remotely and transported away, ranging from fine slow settling particles to larger faster settling materials whether hazardous or not.

These processes are made possible by FloMor’s eductor: which allows for an unhindered flow path from the suction through to discharge: with no moving parts or restrictions in cross sectional area which may lead to blockages. This allows for the whole process to be straightforward to maintain being run by a standard water pump from dirty water, also eliminating the need for a clean source. Applications include biodigester sludge removal, oily solids from separators and contaminated waste in the nuclear industry.

FloMor’s solutions are available at short lead time for their standard sizes, table of size and flow rates, but can be designed for any application ensuring that your problems are resolved by our solutions  


About Us

FloMor to the required specification.

FloMor consults, designs and supplies separation equipment and packages for industry worldwide.  Our customers are not only from upstream Oil and Gas, they include the nuclear, water treatment and mining sectors.

Produced Water Treatment and sand removal are our core activities using well established cyclonic devices, together with novel floatation and filtration solutions, coupled with a range of existing and newer technologies.

Over the past three decades, our team has built up considerable experience of numerous specialist separation solutions.  We have worked across process debottlenecking, tail end production, management of high produced water cuts, and innovating where space and weight requirements are key.  This knowledge has been applied outside of Oil and Gas, managing all phases of the streams whilst meeting international regulations.

Our Engineering Base is located in the UK, combined with an extensive network of fabricating facilities, and partners, across the world to provide the best engineered packages within the shortest deliveries.

FloMor collaborates one-on-one with its customers using in depth knowledge and practical experience, allowing us to implement the most cost effective solution for you.



We innovate, engineer and deliver solutions to the oil, water and solids process industries throughout the world as well as providing services for these solutions.  If you have the knowledge and skills for FloMor then please contact us now careers@flomor.co.uk

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